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Friday, May 6, 2011 | 11:27 PM | (1 notifications)

Its All About Him And we're the Perfect Two 

Saya happy sebab harini anniversary kami ^^

Saya nak awak baca quotes nih . Sebab quotes nih saya buat sendiri untuk anniversary kita :) Dah lama saya karang quotes nih and sorry if english saya bertrabur . Heee . I love you , i mean it  

We began as strangers .
We became friends .
We became one with each other .
We remain as one forever .
Happy Anniversary
To The One I Love !

Thank you for your tender love .
You'll never really know .
How happy that you've made me .
And how much I love you so .
Happy Anniversary, My Sweetheart .

Knowing you'll be in all my tomorrows ,
Makes my today so wonderful !

Because in everything I do .
You always have a part .
Because a loving thought of you .
Is always in my heart .
Because each little wish of mine .
You've tried to make come true .
On this day , our day , I want to say ,
How dearly I love you .

I really want to tell you .
Just how precious you are to me .
My every thought of you .
Is as loving as can be .
My heart is totally filled with things .
That words alone can't say .
This comes especially for you .
With all my love today :]

I know I've told you many times .
How much I love you sayang .
You grow still sweeter every year .
But since this is our special day .
I'm saying it once more .
With an even deeper meaning .

My love for you is like a circle, it has no end

I love you for your thoughtfulness .
Your understanding way
And for the countless little things
You do for me each day .
I love you for the hopes and dreams .
You've helped to make come true .
But most of all I love you .
Just for being you .

You know I love you .
My happiest moments .
Are those spent with you .
For when we're together .
Or when we're apart ,
You're first in my thoughts .
And first in my heart .

What would I do without you ? I need you more and more each day .

You are my partner , my sweetheart , my advisor, my comforter and my friend

I know I'm sometimes thoughtless .
And forget to say and do .
The many little things I should .
To show my love for you .
Happy Anniversary My Love <3

Hee , amacam ? Okayy takk ? Msti lahh okeyy ;D perasan ja kau ni lahh wany oii *boo* Ekekeke , 3 bulan saya ambil masa untuk buat benda nih . Thanks to my friend , yannaa :) thankYou for helping me . Kalau hang takdak aku taktau la apa jadi dekat quotes aku nih . Hee . Sayang hang ! ^^ tlong jgn copy ehhhhhhhhh :*

Awakk , sayasayangawaksampaiakhirhayatsaya